Patrick Henry Virginia Convention Speech Analysis

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In the “The speech of Virginia convention” Patrick Henry is addressing how he feels over a certain topic. The topic of the delegates speeches were not supporting Henry's speech, but Henry presented his speech in a very sophisticated way. Henry shows his beliefs and values in his speech he gave in front of the delegates. Henry uses a very strong but not overpowering tone to convey his message. Henry is speaking at the white house on a important topic. Henry is conveying his opinion to the crowd of listeners and delegates. Henry speaks on some controversial topic, freedom, religion, and slavery. When Henry is using slavery in his speech it is to state that Britain is keep them in bondage. Henry knew that the delegates that went before him we're not on the same pages him but he still presented his message strongly to the eagerly listening crowd and delegates. Henry is trying to get people on board with the idea of freedom. Henry uses very strong tones to convey the message his message across to the delegates and listeners at the White House. Henry use of slavery in his speech, he is referring to Britain and how great Britain is keeping them in bondage and not letting them govern as they should. Britain has still enslave them even though they have left the country and found a…show more content…
Henry wants the audience to understand that they are in enslaved to Britain. The delegates are not on the same page as Henry so he is trying to get them on board with the idea of standing up for our country and joining together as a people to separate from Britain for good. Henry has to use a more persuasive tone and not be pushy with his speech since the audience is not on board with his argument. Henry has to appeal to the audience in a way that he knows can reach them. Patriotism is a way he can so he uses that in his argument. It helps Henry reach his audience in a way that makes them want to listen to his
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