Analysis Of Patrick Henry's Arguments For The Anti Federalists

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Patrick Henry says, “I smelt a rat”, because of not only the influence of ideas from fellow patriots, but also because of his own investigations of how much the Constitution actually represented the citizens of the United States of America. The concerns of fellow Constitution Framers and the general public eventually snowballed for well known patriots to all out reject the Constitution. The Anti Federalists all noticed a very significant piece that should be apart of the Constitution. In investigation B, C, F,and G highlight the most powerful argument for the Anti Federalists. All investigations show hesitation from a member of the Continental Congress displaying their fear about the Constitution. All agree that the Constitution could lead to a corrupt and oppressive society, where civil rights are not protected by the government. Anti Federalists at this time demanded some form of document to protect their civil rights from domestic and foreign powers. George Mason, a delegate from Virginia thought that general law couldn’t protect the people and that the Executive branch will always be a threat to Americans rights because he will always be misguided. Patrick Henry voices his concern about the Constitution, thinking that it may develop the Executive branch to become a tyranny.…show more content…
Madison, one of the founding father of America, is agreeing with the group of people who are against what he makes and at one time even believed in. People in America of all status need protection of their rights from their government, and the population did not find the Constitution to be sufficient. As the Anti Federalists in the Continental Congress expressed their specific concerns, their ideas snowballed until they came to the conclusion that they needed a Bill of
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