Patrick Henry's Speech 'Give Me Liberty Of Give Me Death'

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What does it feel like when something belongs to you and it is very special but suddenly someone more powerful than you threatens to take that thing from you and there is not a single thing that you can do about it but sit there helplessly, watching them take that thing you cared so much about from you. That is the situation that Patrick Henry is confronted with and the thing that is being taken from him is his freedom. He needs to convince the Americans to fight the British that are going to come to America and enslave all of its citizens. Although this may seem like a relatively simple task, Patrick Henry is faced with several problems. First of all he need to find a way to come up with a reasonable answer. Another problem is that there are several people in America that side with the British they think the British are good and, naturally, they get offended when people…show more content…
In Patrick Henrys speech “Give me Liberty of give me Death” He claims that the British army is coming to bind all citizens by chains, he persuades his audience because he shows how the British are deceitful and…show more content…
he wants many people to come together and speak on that subject. Although a very interesting question that could come up in the debate is why Patrick Henry compares freedom or slavery and the British coming to America. This question is answered in his speech, he says that the British have a history of deceiving people, they show no mercy or compassion. This is why tries so hard to convince all the Americans to
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