Patrick Henry's Influential Speech

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“Give me Liberty or give me death,” said Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775, at the Virginan . Patrick Henry was known as a great public speaker who advocated for becoming an independent nation and protecting our rights in our newly formed country. On May 29, 1736, in Studley, Virginia, United States Henry was born. Henry was an anti-Federalist and a radical revolutionary who shaped our country’s past by giving impactful and influential speeches. In his speeches, Henry demanded independence from England. At the Virginia Convention in 1775, Patrick spoke against the Constitution until the Bill of Rights was added. In fact, Henry refused to go to the Continental Congress in 1787. Without Patrick Henry, the United States might still be under the…show more content…
His speech convinced many people to turn against the King. Six months after the speech and before the beginning of the war, Henry was an “early revolutionary.” Henry was in strong agreement with Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty, a local militia in Boston that the colonists needed to fight. Without Henry's courageous speaking there might not have been a Revolutionary War because his speech convinced many Loyalists to turn on King George III. According to Discerning History. Com,“Through his push for a Bill of Rights, his call of the country to arms, and his opposition to the Stamp Act through the Virginia Resolves, Patrick Henry served his country well. He inspired resistance to the British usurpation of power, gave teeth to that resistance by convincing the Virginians to organize the militia, and helped put restrictions in place to preserve the rights of the people. Without him, America today might well look very different.” This quote illustrates Patrick Henry’s significant impact on our early revolutionary history. In many different ways, Patrick helped rally all Patriots to gain their independence. He was truly our trumpet and voice for freedom. Today we might learn from Henry’s example of taking risks and speaking up to protect people's freedoms. Even though it might be nerve-wracking to take these risks they are very important. As a politician, Henry’s willingness
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