Patrick O Mally: A Short Story

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She had saved a piece of Aunt Abby’s wallpaper and along with complementary samples she found in a wallpaper outlet store. She put them in antique frames and made a gallery wall behind the bed.
The bedspread was a muted shade of green with a cream embroidered fleur-de-lis design that looked inviting, especially tonight.
Walking through the bedroom into the adjoining bathroom, she turned on the water, threw in some scented bath salts, lit the candles encircling the ledge of the tub, and eased into the warm water. With her closed eyes, she gave herself over to complete enjoyment.
When the water began to get tepid, she stepped out of the bath to put on her flannel pajama shorts and T-shirt. The room felt cold after her bath. Making a quick decision,
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It went on to say he married Larissa Marie Devereux, a widow from New Orleans. Her son, Patrick had accompanied them to…show more content…
Patrick isn’t Sean’s child. I’m related to Sean only through marriage. I’m not an O’Malley after all, but who was Patrick’s real father?”
She continued to read. It was a well-written piece detailing the rebuilding of the plantation and the success of Mr. O’Malley since his coming to America.
It mentioned that Sean came from a long line of master craftsmen, going back centuries in Ireland.
The story portrayed Larissa as a beautiful woman of style and refinement.
Perusing the rest of the June and all of the July issues there was nothing of interest. Then in an August issue, under social events, was a notification detailing a soiree at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O’Malley. It appeared that most of the upper crust of Madison attended.
Scanning the subsequent papers nothing was written about the O’Malley’s until December 1870. There was a brief mention of the couple attending a Christmas gala at Heritage Hall in downtown Madison.
The stack of papers dwindled down to one, the May seventh issue of 1871. It was front page news about the death of a resident, Sean O’Malley, along with an unknown
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