Patriot Act 4th Amendment

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On September 11th, 2001, tragedy struck America. A terrorist attack was carried out resulting in 2,753 Americans killed. America became locked in a war, and it needed more security on its own soil. So, congress passed a law known as the Patriot Act. This allowed the N.S.A (national security agency) to gain information of individual citizens or groups of individuals by using library records, phone calls and other surveillance. Recently, on January 1st of 2015 the Patriot Act has expired. Many members of government are stuck in a debate if it should be renewed. It should be reauthorized by Congress again as it already has been twice because it is approved and supported by the Constitution. Even though some argue that the Patriot Act infringes…show more content…
Before federal agents take surveillance and seize phone calls or records from a person they must first have a good reason or evidence to do so. This follows the idea of probable cause listed above. Next, before agents can seize anything they must issue a warrant and have it approved. This way they can’t just see anybody’s information that they want to. Here is a quote from a writer on the Patriot Act’s constitutionality. “ No single provision of the Patriot Act has ever been found unconstitutional. This is a testament to the act’s limited applicability, procedural safeguards, and extensive oversight
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