Patriot Act Negatives

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The Patriot Act allows for government investigators to share information on suspected terrorists with other branches of the government much easier than before 9/11 so that tragedy’s like this can be avoided in the future. While intense backlash has been received regarding the Patriot Act’s effects on immigration, and unlawful surveillance, the small negatives that have yet to been proven true much outweigh the good this law can do in protecting the lives of innocent Americans. With the Patriot Act countless lives have been saved without the masses without even realizing they have been saved. According to a speech given by President Bush three years after he signed the law into place, with the Patriot Act a one man terrorist plan turned into…show more content…
The most common made claim against the Patriot Act is that federal agents will arrest immigrants based solely on their race or where they come from. What most do not know is that, “no one has been arrested under the immigrations provisions of the Patriot Act” (Fitzgerald, 2003). For the most part people are just simply uninformed on major issues that are blown out of proportion by the media. Those who blame the Patriot Act for discrimination against immigrants do not know that immigration arrests have been made under laws that existed before the Patriot Act (Fitzgerald, 2003). Discrimination against immigrants does not exist because of the Patriot Act because it existed long before this law, however, since this act made it easier to track and arrest terrorists that enter the country legally it is getting blamed for doing the job of protecting this country. Suspected terrorists often enter the country legally without prior knowledge they are being watched, and once they enter they are arrested, therefore, the arrest is seen as discrimination against immigrants. The act has been vital in luring terrorists into the country for their own arrest, although it is often mistaken as discrimination, the act is simply protecting this…show more content…
The government needs to do its civil duty of protecting the American citizens by most any means necessary under good conscious and reasoning. The Patriot Act has already saved thousands of lives by simple things that will go unnoticed such as simple communication between branches of the FBI. While some may say this act is an invasion of privacy the majority of the population would choose life over a simple communication with a work colleague. If the government repeals the Patriot Act many innocent lives could be taken by terrorist attacks that could have been stopped by communication or gut feeling. Life is a precious thing that America deserves and will receive through the protection of The Patriot

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