Patriotism: An Important Factor In The American Victory

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The United States of America has gained its independence about 2 centuries ago. The American’s achieved victory over Britain since they had a patriot spirit, allies, fighting skills and had a great experience with geography. The patriot spirit towards Americans that fought since they inspired many different types of groups and soldiers were fighting for things they cared about. Different types of groups such as racial, social classes and minority groups. This helped the Americans win the war since they not only had the support of their own people but from other people such as other races and social classes. In the text, it states, “Patriotism was another important factor in the American Victory. Soldiers were fighting for their home and their beliefs.” While having the soldiers more motivated by fighting for their homes and beliefs mad the chance higher for them winning. Allies had to do a lot with…show more content…
Knowing how to drill was a fighting skill soldier had. As Washington trained his troops he taught them how to fight with not only the people they knew but with the people who were in their troops as so stated on page 172. Free African Americans also lead to their victory, since Washington realize the British had African Americans helping them. Later on, free African Americans helped on the Revolutionary War as navy crewmen, soldiers, spies and more. Due to the fact that Americans had a great experience with geography, they managed to win the revolutionary war. A great example is how the Americans used hilltops infighting. Geography was the main advantage towards the cause of their victory since it could be a hiding spot or many other things. The American’s achieved victory over Britain since they had a patriot spirit, which encouraged soldiers, allies, which were the French and the Spanish, fighting skills and their experience with
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