Patriotism In Angela's Ashes

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The novel that I am currently reading is Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt (pg1-118). The first key event that I find significant in the story is when Frankie is expressing his feelings about his life and how it has been throughout the years, so his coming of age. Frankie has to take on the role as the man of the house at a very young age because of his father. Which leads to his childhood being cut short. He has taken on this role due to his irresponsible father’s behaviour. Frankie had to go from, “.. from bar to bar looking for Dad. Mam...sends me. There are crowds of noisy men and stale smells that remind me of Dad when he comes home with the smell of the whiskey on him. The man behind the bar says, Yeah, sonny, whaddya want? You 're not…show more content…
The fourth issue that leaves an impact on one is when Frankie is always told about how to die for Ireland, so this issue is Patriotism. When Malachy drinks too much he always says to the boys, “’s a glorious thing to die for Ireland” (69). or “...A nickel for everyone who promises to die for Ireland” (11). If I were one of the boys i’d feel that I have a lot of pressure on me when i grow up. Malachy’s father always dreams about the boys fighting for his country. It’s almost the same with my dad, he tells me how he dreams about me being a doctor when I grow up and succeeding in life. In this way I can relate to Frankie in a sense where we both have to achieve something to make our dad’s proud. The last issue that I find significant in the story is when Frankie is told from the priest that reading is a bad thing, so education. Especially when it comes to learning things that go against the bible or the catholic belief. The priest says, “Books can be dangerous for children, my child. Turn your mind from those silly stories and think of the lives of the saints” (78). However, why would the priest discourage a young boy from reading? I don’t understand or agree his point of view. Therefore, overall I am liking the novel so far even though it can get quite harsh at times when it comes to the poverty
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