Patriotism In George Bernard Shaw's Arms And The Man

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This Paper aims to highlight the elements of realism in George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man (1894), Shaw was considered a towering figure of his time, depicted his society candidly for which he suffered criticism in early days. But later on, he established his image as an anti-romantic in his society. As we know that literature is mirror of society, Shaw reflects the same beautifully in his works. Through comedy, Shaw tries to present the real picture of his time and society. In this paper we concentrate on Shaw’s patriotism themes of love and war in “Arms and the Man”, this fantastic romantic comedy. Shaw has shown that it is the romance of war that leads to the romance of love. He satirizes idealized notions of love and war in the comedy.…show more content…
Toward the middle of the nineteenth century, there can be traced a significant development from romantic and historical themes to more realistic themes, and this movement toward realism .This play is a satire on the foolishness of glorifying war, as well as on basing affections on idealistic notions of love. These themes brought reality and a timeless lesson to the comic stage of the time. The present paper attempts to present the two contrasting ideas Love and War in the scope of realism and patriotism. Literary realism is a style in literature that presents things and people as they are in real life. It is opposed to romanticism or idealism. It is a way of seeing, accepting and dealing with situations as they really are without being influenced by emotions or false hopes. It is a concept that believes in reflecting real life
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