Patriotism In The Movie The Patriot

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If your family was in danger, how far would you go to keep them safe?

The Patriot was written by Robert Rodat, and directed by Roland Emmerich("The Patriot").

The main character of The Patriot is Benjamin Martin. This man lives the life of a plantation farmer, widowed father of 7, and as a veteran of the French and Indian War. His family means everything to him; unfortunately with the advancement of the American Revolution, it seems to be falling apart. With the battles of the war approaching his front door and with his oldest son Gabriel joining the war against his wishes, Benjamin Martin feels that he has no choice but to take action in the war.
Eventually benjamin and his oldest son split up and begin gathering people to create a militia. …show more content…

There is a different lighting for every setting.for example Benjamin Martin’s Malita has a base within a swamp and the lighting makes the scene feel dark and gloomy or when Benjamin’s oldest son, Gabriel, gets married the lighting is bright and cheery. The Patriot does a good job at making the lighting realistic and sets the mood for dramatic scenes. There is many realistically lighted scenes with light passing through trees and windows as you will see in this video.

I believe that the main theme of the movie is patriotism. Patriotism is defined as an act of support and devotion in one’s country("Patriotism"). Patriotism is shown in the movie when Gabriel disobeys his father and does what he believes is best for his soon-to-be country. Benjamin Martin knows he must win the battle against the redcoats in order for his family to live in a new and safe country he can only dream of. This video is about a letter Gabriel sent to his younger siblings at home while he is off fighting in the war.

In the patriot, the director, Roland Emmerich, used not-so-accurate historical events, slightly accurate historical elements, and great sound and lighting effects to make the viewer proud of what our nation

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