Patriotism In The Movie: The Patriot Vs. Patriot

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Patriotism is formed when war knocks the door. In other words, America saw its dawn to the victory thanks to the people who risked their neck when duty had called them to serve to their nation. When a country has a lot of history, it is easy to imagine the tones of movies that can be filmed with the only purpose of showing the greatness of the nation. However, “the truth” is, as usual, written with the blood of the losers by the winners. The Patriot (Emmerich, 2000) is not the exception. It illustrates the birth of a fictional character that includes several real personalities; moreover, the plot is manipulated to stand out the American will against the British tyranny. And unlike reality, the record ignores the French support until the end. I. THE REAL HEROES VS. HOLLYWOOD During the Film, the main character (Benjamin Martin) was based on four real men who fought against the British in five actual battles. The main figure was Thomas Sumter and the rest were Daniel Morgan; Andrew Pickens; and, Francis Marion. In the first place, Thomas Sumter, named Benjamin Martin in The Patriot, was born in Virginia, August 14, 1734 (Wikipedia, 2016). In official history, he was a sergeant in the Virginia Militia and campaigned against the Cherokees (City of Sumter). He was a legislator and a officer in the American Revolution, remembered for his leadership of troops against British forces in North and South Carolina (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica). Having presented the
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