Patriots At Heart Analysis

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Patriots at Heart The students rose from their seats as the speaker directed “Will you please rise for the pledge of allegiance”. They placed their right hands on their chests and recited the pledge by memory as most of their minds drifted towards upcoming due dates, tests and finals. Those who stood up straight, admired the flag, and acknowledged all who had made sacrifices in order for them to be here demonstrated patriotism for their country patiently and diligently. Patriotism is pride for your country, an action to be demonstrated in a variety of ways by a wide range of people nationwide. Voting is an important act of patriotism. For instance, women have not always had the right to vote. This was a desire longed for by women before…show more content…
The colonists were patriotic to a country not yet established. They fought for liberty because they saw a future in which they could be free from tyrant rule. This hope guided their long fight for freedom from tyranny. They wanted to become their own nation and give the people the rights King George III had deprived them of. In the distance they saw the future of a fair, kind nation that treat its citizens with respect. This is exactly what the colonists fought for. Their struggle was not for naught as they later gained their independence and created a nation to be proud of. America is a nation built on patriotism that roots from the very beginning. Patriotism is modernly demonstrated by the honoring of our veterans. Year-round Americans honor the veterans who have fought to make the country an overall safer place. Veterans Day is a day specifically dedicated to honor our heroes. In modern society, Veterans are respected for their valiant work in the military. Because of these brave Americans, people can live with a peace of mind. They have sacrificed so much and with nothing in return. A great act of patriotism is to support our veterans and their families because they have already given much for the
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