Patriots Day Research Paper

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Patriots’ Day, the annual celebration of the events of April 19, 1775 has just concluded. Minute Man National Historical Park schedules numerous events over three consecutive weekends of events often called Patriots’ Month. Along with National Park Week, April kicks off the park season with this unique Massachusetts event.

In Concord, the town turns out to celebrate the beginning of the running battle at Meriam’s Corners on the east side of town. A morning parade, followed by a salute by the Concord Minutemen and an open house at the Meriam house, got the events started. Later in the afternoon, the town of Lincoln coordinates the Paul Revere capture along the Battle Road in the park. This year, a theater in the field brought back those involved in the creation of “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” to life near where Revere was captured. April 15th kicked off with Tough Ruck, where over one thousand National Guard members ran and walked 26.2 miles, emulating the distance of the Boston Marathon from the North Bridge and along the Battle Road Battlefield. Members of Captain David Brown 's Company presented a volley musket fire to the participants as they crossed over North Bridge to begin their annual ruck, which is sanctioned by the Boston Athletic Association as official marathon event.
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A new addition to the park offering was “Patriot Vigial. A somber reflection of all whose lives ended on April 18th added a contemplative reflection to the meaning of the day 's events. Visitors were encouraged to join the procession from North Bridge Visitor Center carrying their own candle lantern. The sigh was something to behold as members of the Concord and Lincoln Fife and Drum Corps played period appropriate music. Word of Reverend Dana, reminded all of the sacrifices made by people 242 years before us. A reading of all those known to have died were read by volunteer
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