Patsy Cline Research Paper

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Patsy Cline, born as Virginia Patterson Hensley, was an amazing woman with great talents. She was born in Winchester, Virginia on September 8th, 1932. Patsy started playing the piano when she was 8 but didn 't start singing till she was in her teens. When she was 15 her parents divorced and her dad started drinking heavily. Her father was no longer around for her anymore but her mother was. When she was a teen she helped her mom earn money by working in a local drug store. She ended up dropping out of school. Wally Fowler came to her town and she made it backstage. She impressed Wally and he gave her a chance to audition for Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. They turned her down, unfortunately. She started performing in Winchester and soon married Gerald Cline. She was featured in Bill Peers Melody Playboys of Brunswick, Maryland. Bill got her a record contract with Four Star Records and her career took off. Her career really jump-started when she was featured on a tv show called Talent Scouts. Soon after she performed Walking After Midnight on the tv show it was released as a single. She was put on the top ten charts of country and pop. She and her husband had a lot of issues because she was always away and it put a strain on their marriage so they ended up divorcing. A few…show more content…
She was ill with the flu and still gave three performances. She stayed the night in a hotel. She couldn 't fly to her next concert because it was fogged in. She was asked to drive to Nashville with her husband but she said: “Don 't worry about me Hoss, when it 's my time to go, it 's my time.” So she got on the plane. The pilot was not trained. There was heavy weather outside and they crashed on March 5, 1963. Everyone in the plane was killed instantly. The dark-haired, dark-eyed, red-lipped Patsy Cline is a legend and she will live on forever
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