Patsy Cline: The Father Of Country Music

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When investigating the origins of country music, there are multiple different country music stars that could be recognized for their recording success, and innovation, which contributed to the progress of country music as one of the most popular genres in the 20th century. The pioneers for country music consisted of both men, women, and multiple different ensembles providing to country music’s success. Without the help of the founders of country music, this genre might not be as successful as it is today. One of the first country music stars is a man by the name of Jimmie Rodgers. In the later half of his career Jimmie was incredibly successful, with recording over 100 different pieces of music, he was labeled by many as “The father of Country …show more content…

According to the country music hall of fame, Cline was the most popular female country star in recording history. Clines life began in Winchester, Virginia on September 8th, 1932. Like Jimmie Rodgers, Cline also had a rough childhood, due to the abuse of her father. On the brighter side, Cline showed her musical talent from a young age, and seemed to have gained insightful knowledge from her father who was an ameratur singer during Clines adolescence. Considered as an outsider from her peers, she dropped out of school at the age of fifteen to pursue a career as a singer. Cline started off her career singing at small juke joints around the Winchester area. At the age of 20, she connected with a local Country music band leader, Bill Peer, which launched her career and cowgirl personna. This sent her on a quest through the Washington D.C. music scene, premiering in Town & Country regional TV broadcasts. Through this, Cline landed her first contract with a california based recording studio, Four Star Records. This guided Cline into numerous hit singles including “Walkin’ After Midnight”, “I Fall to Pieces”, and “Crazy”. Patsy Cline was a vital contributor to the evolution of country music because she was the first women to be popularized by her work as a country musician. With most of her singles soaring in the charts, she showed that it wasn’t just men who could be successful in this industry. She …show more content…

The group was originally formed by performer and songwriter Bill Monroe. Born on September 13th, 1911, in Jerusalem Ridge, Kentucky, Bill grew up in a very music oriented household, learning to play the guitar and mandolin by the age of nine. In 1934, Bill and his brother Charlie formed the Monroe Brothers Duo and recorded many songs up until their split up in 1938. Shortly following the breakup of the Monroe Brothers, Monroe moved to Atlanta, Georgia and created the Blue grass boys. This musical ensemble was made up of a banjo, fiddle, guitar, upright bass, and mandolin. The importance of this group is incredibly significant because this group created a new genre of music called “bluegrass”. He was a pioneer for a new genre of music, and received a number of awards for his success. Some of his awards were as followed: Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Nashville Songwriters Association Hall of Fame inductee, and his hit song “Blue Moon of Kentucky” was named the official song of the state. Bill Monroe and the Blue grass boys, has a lasting legacy on the world of country music, and will be remembered

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