Pattern Recognition In The Book 'Riveted'

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In this essay, the idea of pattern recognition is the base concept, an idea discussed in the book “Riveted”. Pattern recognition refers to a cognitive process; which is a higher mental process such as perception, memory, language, problem solving, and abstract thinking. It connects information from a stimulus with information recovered from memory. Commonly, the recognized patterns can be those observed in facial features, units of music, and components of language. Pattern recognition is an inherent and inborn ability of animals (humans). The target example is the notion of conceptual metaphor theory from the analogy lecture. However, the lecture does not explain why we use and enjoy metaphors? I will discuss why metaphors are wildly admired using the base example of pattern recognition. Conceptual metaphors refer to the apprehension of one idea, or theoretical realm, in terms of another. It is the theory …show more content…

Primarily, I will explain the pleasure in finding patterns in the next paragraph. Afterwards, I will identify metaphors according to the lecture in paragraph three. Subsequently, I will discuss the relationship between my base example, pattern recognition, and my target example, metaphors. The concept of patterns is an essential notion to humans. Having the capacity to identify patterns on the planet is completely vital for survival. Pattern recognition is required for classification, for comprehending the everyday life, and for figuring out the proper behavior specifically in unusual circumstances. As humans, we admire patterns and recurrence because of their properties. They are enjoyable

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