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Importance of seeking Balanced Patterns of Urbanization by Decentralization-The Case of Dhaka

Megacities and their regions diversely play important roles in national and international contexts. City provides opportunities for economic growth and development and quality life for its population and services to its newly urbanized areas. As a capital city, Dhaka has potentials for becoming a global city with its geopolitical location and economic prospects. It has political and administrative advantages in the national context and scope for utilizing the benefits of urban economics, especially agglomerations, concentration of labor and financial institutions, and business services. But problems of our Dhaka are continuously in the lime
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In case of Bangladesh it is 39 (Islam, 2013), based on the urban population share of Dhaka. This shows the very high concentration of urban growth in Dhaka city. Excessive growth in one city often leads to lowering the livability of the city area. Bangladesh’s urban population has been growing at a yearly average rate of 6 (WB, 2011) percent since independence, at a time when the national population growth was 2.2 percent. Among all these urban areas Megacity Dhaka itself contributing to accommodate 39% (Islam, 2013) of total urban population; three metropolitan cities are accommodating 21% of urban population and rest is in municipalities and other urban areas (WB, 2011).
Dhaka works as migration magnet for numerous reasons. As a capital city of Bangladesh it is the focus of most of the political, administrative and economic functions. Several studies have identified some major reasons for high urban concentration at the megacities, for developing countries some common reasons are population migration, economic investment concentration, industrial foci, political and administrative headquarters deliberation and lucrative urban amenities and so on. For Dhaka all these reasons are valid (Zaman,
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Research Question:

In this paper I have addressed a specific research question relevant to major consequences of extreme urbanization of Dhaka regarding urban migration and population growth and disclosed the statement of decentralization for balanced pattern of Urbanization. The research question is:
• What are the main reasons of unplanned urbanization in Dhaka & what are the major consequences?
• Can decentralization be an answer?
• What are the key challenges and complexities in urban

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