Paul And Corie Brratter Character Analysis

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The newlyweds, Paul and Corie Bratter. They recently moved into a small apartment in New York City after their six-day honeymoon. During this time, Corie feels the need to set up her mother with their crazy neighbor. Her efforts to give her mother a love life give the four a very wild adventure all over New York City. Paul and Corie always knew that they were different, but with the following events they wonder if they too different from each other. Paul Bratter is a young lawyer. Very proper and dignified, he always knows the right thing is say. He is very pratical, and keeps his emotions in check, perhaps too much. As Corie thinks he is a watcher, not do-er. Where he watches other people do, instead of being a do-er. Corie accuses him of lacking playfulness.…show more content…
She considers herself a doer, and not a watcher. Her enthusiasm is not shared at first towards her husband or mother. Both characters want something different. Paul is worried for Cories mother as they went out. Paul knowingly says something about it to her, "What a rotten thing to do...To your own mother."......"Do you have any idea how she felt just now? Do you know kind of night this was for her?"....."You didn 't see her sitting here two minutes ago. You were upstairs with that Hungarian Duncan Hines...Well, she was miserable. Her face was longer than that trip we took tonight". Corie, on the other hand does not blieve that there is anything wrong with her mother. Saying "She never said anything to me" or that the night is not over yet to Pauls comments on how her mother looked tonight.

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