Paul And Victor Character Analysis

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Sometimes when you start a new school you don’t know what you’re going to expect. You don’t know how people are going to treat you, how you will in school, etc. But with Paul’s teammate Victor you don’t know if he will be your friend or foe.
A reason Paul and Victor’s relationship is 50/50 is because of Victor’s rudeness and troublemaking. A good example was when Victor had got into trouble with Tino and Hernando at the carnival. You sort of know whoever sides with Victor would get into trouble. On page 106, Victor kept on bullying Paul by stating, “You think you can play on my team? You think we got to take every chump who shows up? You think because you are Mommy’s’ boy you are automatically on my team?” This is a good sentence it shows a lot of his rudeness, and anger. In fact when you read that page it seems like Victor is about to bully everyone at school. Another page you find Victor being a troublemaker is on page 107, “Victor snorted, Tell him where we were, Tino. Tino answered to nobody in particular, we were in jail. They put us in the vandalism jail”. You also know that Victor’s group is always getting in some type of trouble. I believe that Victor is hanging out with bad people instead of good people. This all add ups
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Victor’s bad traits is that he is injury prone. In section Friday, September 22 when the War Eagles were playing Palmetto, Victor had to go to the emergency room because he got a scratch on his head and blood came out. Another injury he had was that Tino kicked Victor in the face and he got subbed out, this occurred on page 191. I think this is a bad trait that Victor has what if he had a really bad injury and had occurred for example if he broke his leg he can’t fix the past and undo the damages. Victor is being a little brutal on the soccer field and if he was less brutal maybe he would have little or no
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