Paul And Yarelis Analysis

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Minister: Please be seated.

We are here today in this magnificent place, surrounded by all of the elements, ocean, earth, trees and fire! (point to them) to witness and celebrate the commitment of these two amazing human beings, Yarelis and Paul.

Family, friends, you are the most important people in Paul and Yarelis’ life and you have been asked to be here to be recognized for the special part you took in the love they share today.

In behalf of Paul and Yarelis I would like to thank all of you for being here and tell you how much they appreciate your love and support throughout the years.

They would also like to recognize those who could not be here today. They are certainly missed.

The most influential people in most people’s lives
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Yarelis then hands her flowers to her maid of honor (Nydia) and Yarelis and Paul then stand there holding hands facing one another. They can be holding hands at this point or standing side-by-side facing…show more content…
Your love grows and matures over time and the gift is in its permanence, it will last longer than Yarelis’ cute Venezuelan accent, and Paul’s secret tattoo (or something funny).
Marriage is working out together what comes, telling the person you love that you’ll be there for each other, it’s an act of service and dedication to one another, and an opportunity to grow as an individual and as a couple.

When two people decide to unite their lives, not only are they bringing into the mix their own values, traditions, cultures, beliefs systems and their good and bad habits (insert a funny bad habit for each), but they are also joining friends and families with their own set of beliefs and values (like salsa dancing or the super bowl, or something unique). To make such union work, each person must maintain their individuality while blending the best parts of each other with honor and respect. With much compassion, they must help each other grow as a person while creating a life as a unit. They must not forget their friends and family while they nurture the tender connection that unites
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