Paul Baumer's All Quiet On The Western Front

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Point of View All Quiet on the Western Front is in Paul Baumer’s point of view. This book tells us the story of Paul on the battlefield during World War I. Paul explains his pain and terror throughout the book and his point of view makes us feel his pain and terror along with him. He talks about his view on war and how he thinks it is pointless. He says that only the state gains from war not the people in the state, referring to the soldiers and their families. Writing the book in Paul’s point of view makes the readers understand the severity of the war and the effects it has on everyone. Setting All Quiet on Western Front is set on the front lines during World War I. Paul and his company are sent to the front lines where everything is…show more content…
We find out Paul and his friends volunteered to fight because becoming a soldier was thought to be a great and honorable title to hold during that time in Germany. Paul and his friends resent their decision and their elders after they go to training camp. There the are trained by Corporal Himmelstoss who is known for his brutal tactics. Almost half of their men are dead and new recruits are brought in. Paul and his friends help out the new recruits because it turns out men are dying faster than they can be trained so the new soldiers have no knowledge of fighting on the front lines. Now food is scarce too, but Kat is very clever and finds food for Paul and their friends. Paul is given leave and returns home where he feels like he no longer belongs. The soldiers are his new family and he is afraid they will be dead before he returns to the front. After his leave, he goes to a training camp where he empathizes with the Russian prisoners. When he returns to the front he gets separated and is stuck in a shell hole with a French soldier. Paul is forced to kill the soldiers and feels guilty because, like him, the soldier has a family and friends who will miss him. After he reunites with his friends, they are sent to guard supplies and there they break into a house to feast and do as they please. At that time they were attacked and Paul and Kropp end up at a catholic hospital. Paul recovers and goes back to the front. By now Paul is all alone since all of his friends have died are no longer fighting in the front lines. Even Kat has died. Paul has nothing to live for anymore and ends up dying near the end of the
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