Paul Esqueda Research Paper

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No matter where you are from you can beat all of the odds against you. Paul Esqueda born in Venezuela to low income household of eight boys and one girl had an unordinary childhood. With both parent’s education not exceeding the fourth grade, Paul was able to pursue an education and has a PHD in electrical engineering. Paul described his household and his parent’s insight on how they should live their lives are uncommon in what we would normally think. Most individuals would think that their parents would want their children to go to school and receive an education. In Paul’s family his mother pressed for her children to get an education, while his father instilled career paths in them. His father was a dreamer he quoted his father saying, “You need to dream and have…show more content…
While working with the job, they decided to send him to England to pursue a career in engineering. After pursuing the career in engineering he eventually received his PHD. Throughout his various job titles, Paul was in charge of many projects and activities that involved someone to take charge. With little information about certain projects, Paul was able to take charge and notice that the projects survived because of his leadership. Paul said that effective and efficient managers have these key skills: negotiation, conflict management, team building, decision making, innovation, problem solving, time management, empowering skills, dealing with change, and effective communication: Verbal and Written. Paul Esqueda remarks on leadership, proposed an interesting feel on how leaders should act. One quote that Paul said was that “if you need help, get it. If you can give help, give it”. This brought a
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