Paul Farh's Media Bias

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In There is no significant media bias by Paul Farh, he is trying to show how the media is actually now one sided like most people believe. It’s our perception and the new ways of media biased sides are sent out all over the net. In his article he took a poll most Americans; seventy seven percent viewed the media biased towards one side, that 's up from a poll taken back in 1985 when it was just fifty five percent. Thus showing how we view the media outlets today. We also believe the news we most frequently watch as well. Mark Jurkowitz associate director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism stated "If you watch the Channel 2 newscast night after night, you trust the people on the air," he said. "The mere fact that you 're a…show more content…
In the Article Dumbest Anchormen While reading this article the main focus was to show you how the movie Anchorman and real life new anchors can be one in the same. Ron Burgundy plays a chauvinistic anchor who doesn 't believe a female can hold a spot in the news nor does his counterparts. What Jonah Goldberg 's article was trying to show was the media back in the 2012 election were biased against Obama 's campaign. They never fact checked their sources, and accused him of stealing from Medicare to put back in Obamacare just put it out for everyone to see not knowing if it was correct. Senator minority leader Mitch McConnell’s, “Barack Obama has been running from the nation 's problems. He hasn 't been working to earn reelection. He has been working to earn a spot on the PGA Tour." A fool might think this a not-exactly-veiled reference to the fact that Barack Obama plays a lot of golf, more than 100 rounds since he was elected. (McConnell paragraph 15) Dwight Eisenhower also played a lot of golf during his presidency, maybe it’s just a past time. As I read the article the one piece that always stuck out was the numerous times the media did not fact check their work, they would read anything think it to be true and post it only for it to be a lie. Then they wouldn 't retract any statements said all to try to maintain an image. The only things we have going for us in to show a positive light our some shows such as the The Daily Show or Colbert Report
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