Paul Fierlinger's Animated Film, Drawn From Memory

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Paul Fierlinger tells his extraordinary childhood by sketching down to an animated movie, Drawn From Memory. The movie demonstrated a general familial issue which is lacking care from parents. From his childhood, due to the reason of World-War II, he frequently moved home that he had been experienced under several different countries, politics, and families. His parents did not want Paul to get involved to the political affairs, so they placed him in foster families or boarding schools in order to keep him away from them. Obviously, Paul did not get enough care and love from his parents. Lacking parenting is common in all over the world contemporary. Some of the children may grow up to normal. But more serious, some of them may turn to have mental problems.…show more content…
Therefore, in order to prevent children getting psychological symptoms and to let children grow up normally, it is important that parents should give appropriate care and love, and offer a happy family to their children during the growing
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