Paul George: Elite Basketball Player In The NBA

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Paul George is an elite basketball player in the NBA, and he is one of the best players in the NBA today. He has won many awards and has been to many prestigious events where all the best players go and face off. He has a very important family and they all know how to cheer him up when he is down. He has faced many challenges in his life to get to where he is and no one has came in the way of what he achieved making it in the NBA. Many talk bad about him but the those are the people that don’t watch him or just like another player that he’s better than. In this you will learn about his life, college years, his injuries he suffered, and he things he loves to do.

Paul George has been in 3 all-star games and has been one point away from scoring the most points in a single all-star game. He has won all of these awards, all NBA
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He had Fresno State try to sign him, San Diego State, SMU, and Wyoming those are just a couple of colleges that talked to him. Fresno State was probably the best choice he could’ve made for his career because they helped him do what he wanted to achieve which is make the NBA. The college he went to was the best choice for him. No one thought he could make the NBA except his mom and two sisters which were his inspiration. Paul George one of the best players in the NBA today will get back to good health and he will play to full ability again one day. Many people will see how much he worked and how hard he worked to get where he is, he may not be the player they are talking about today or tomorrow but they will be in the future. He will get better as he gets older and as he gets more and more experience and he is now making the olympics which is a good achievement. Paul george may not be everything a basketball expert talks about but can assure one thing, Paul George will be number one when he gets in his

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