Paul Hockey Biography

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Have you ever dreamed or imagined climbing Everest fully coped and prepared. All healthy and fit. Well what about the people with disabilities, who can’t see or is an amputee, I’m sure they’d want to give it a try. Well get ready for the most tiring, lethal and terrifying thing you might face in the world. Paul Hockey was a one-armed man with absolutely no climbing experience. So… how exactly did he make it up Everest? He started out as just a man without an arm, making a living as a motivational speaker. Till one day, he asked himself, am I really going to consider myself disabled when I know I can conquer anything if I don’t give up. He had already lost his mother, father, step-father and his aunt to cancer and that motivated him very much. Everybody doubted his ability to climb Everest, but that didn’t stop him. He went through five years of training and needed about that much time to raise the funds. In addition to money going towards the trip, he raised money for the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia. Unfortunately this attempt , he didn’t succeed. For his second attempt he got a huge flag and charged people $20.00 a name and $100.00 a logo name and put in on top of Everest when he reached…show more content…
Her mom was very worried that Christine wasn’t going to be ready. On the first day of climbing, they climbed 7 hours and Christine thought it was very difficult. It took them 2 ½ weeks before they got acclimated to the high altitudes. For maintaining the diabetes, the elevation was not the problem it was the temperature. She had to keep the insulin warm, so she slept with it and stayed very close to the fire. It was also very hard to manage the blood glucose levels. She and her mom thought it was crazy high. They climbed the south side and to the south side base camp. After Nolan had summitted she had just realized that, that climb was the hardest obstacle she had ever
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