Paul Joseph Goebbels Final Solution

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Paul Joseph Goebbels was born in 1897 and died in 1945. He was a German politician and brilliant Nazi propagandist. He took on the role of making the Nazi organization into a powerhouse. Once he was made the district leader by Adolf Hitler, he began forming rallies in attempts to convert the German people into Nazi’s. He ran Adolf’s presidential campaign which gave him recognition of being the “twentieth century master of his practice”. He was also accountable for influencing boycotts against Jewish businesses and staging of the opening of Reichstag. The significance of Goebbels is that his control of the propaganda machine lead many to see that Hitler may be the change that they wanted. The Final Solution was a plan that was made and carried out by the German Nazis in the 20th century. It was planned at the Wannsee Conference, at meeting between the SS and the German government. Although the extermination of Jews was already going on in order to secure government support the Wannsee Conference went on. The plan of the final solution was to annihilate the Jew and anyone who opposed the Nazi rule including Gypsies and homosexuals. This was done by moving Jews from ghettos and transferring them to concentration camps. The significance of the final solution would be the responsibility it takes in the millions…show more content…
The happened as a reaction to a Polish Jew killing a German diplomat. A pogrom was then launched and violence quickly erupted throughout the major cities. During this event Jewish owned shops, home, synagogues, and schools were torched and destroyed. The name Kristallnacht was given in result to the amount of broken glass that was left in the streets of Germany because of the pogrom. The significance of Kristallnacht is that it showed the level of authority that the Nazis had on anti-Jews for this happen so
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