Ethics Of Torture

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In this text by Paul Lauritzen he spoke of ways we can torture a possible enemy of the country in a way that would not strip them of their basic human rights or that would alter their conception of reality, in order to get the information needed from them to save countless lives. Now I know that sounds petrifying, but as soon as you really get into the reading you'll understand why it's utterly captivating.
Now let's get down to business, Paul gave many different definitions to dignity, he wanted to discover what dignity is exactly, he said that one of the forms of torture that strip a person of their dignity is when you make their life so horrible that they just don't want to live anymore. Another one was that dignity is the same as autonomy,
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then he gives an example of an interrogation in Guantanamo Bay military prison, they made a detainee bark like a dog, strip searched him to humiliate him, they changed his environment in order to mess up his conception of reality. this kind of techniques were causing detainees to go insane and mentally
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