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Paul Mitchell will benefit me by allowing me to become one step closer to my dream. Since I was little I always loved to do hair, nails, makeup, and many more things to make you look and fell beautiful. Paul Mitchell will give me the opportunity to express myself through my hairstyles and just making someone else feel happy on the inside and the out. Going to this school will give me the courage that I never had it will be my door to more opportunities in the world. Paul Mitchell will benefit me by giving me the tools and concepts that I need to learn to succeed in the hair and beauty industry. It will teach me things that I didn’t know before and help me grow to be better than I was yesterday and the day before. I live each day to be better than I was yesterday and to learn from my mistakes and just try not to make the same one again.

My biggest accomplishment I would say would be the day I graduated from High school and attended three years in college. This was the biggest accomplishment in my life because not too many young ladies can say they graduated from high school and attempted to go to college. Today in this society
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So I would actually say the day he died was my biggest disappointment because if he was here today I doubt half of the stuff that’s happened to me would have happened. I miss him so much and each decision that I make I think of him and how happy he will be of his granddaughter. Every decision that I’m making in my life he will be supporting me 110% but I just look at it that I’m doing all of this for him. He always called me his little hustler and I am. I can do anything that I put my mind to, just stay focus and do your best

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