Paul Newman's Accomplishments

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“A man with no enemies is a man with no character.” -Paul Newman. In the 60’s, Paul Newman was a very well known actor who starred in movies like “The Sting.” Due to him being in fantastic 60’s movies and having various accomplishments, Paul Newman was the most inspiring actor during that time.
Paul Newman had a satisfying childhood. To begin, when he was young, Paul Newman was interested in acting. This shows that since he was interested in acting at a young age, which will lead up to his acting career. In addition to acting at a young age, he graduated from Shaker Heights High School and was in Ohio University. This is important considering the skills that he learned there. Lastly, he studied for acting in several different places. This is important due to the fact that he learned most of his skills there. Lastly, since Paul Newman studied for acting at an early age, he had experience prior to his acting career. This is important being that he would have a great career due to this.
Paul Newman had plenty achievements when he became an actor and he was well known. To start, he became famous for the film “Somebody Up There Likes Me.” This is very important since it is the reason he was well known in the 60’s. Another of his achievements was he
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To start, Paul Newman died of lung cancer in 2008. Nevertheless, countless amounts of people missed him, but countless things were dedicated to him. This proves that people missed him after his death. In addition to his death, he shows that other people should donate to charity by him donating abounding amounts of his money to charity. This proves that he inspired countless people. Lastly, he inspired other people with his accomplishments like being a race car driver and becoming an actor. This shows that he inspired people to try to do the marvelous things that he did. Paul Newman inspired numerous people after his death and he was loved by numberless
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