Paul Of Tarsus Essay

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Outline the contribution of Paul of Tarsus to the development and expression of Christianity. (5 marks)(300 words) Paul of Tarsus had a major contribution to the development and expression of Christianity, therefore he is arguably the most significant figure in Christianity. Paul was born in Tarsus in southern Turkey to a prominent Jewish family. He was born a Roman citizen and well instructed in the Jewish faith, having been taught by Gamaliel, a prominent Jewish rabbi. Much of Paul’s early fame was due to the determination with which he pursued and persecuted the early followers of Jesus. Though it was on the road to Damascus, where he was blinded for three days following a personal encounter with Christ. Paul was converted and subsequently…show more content…
The first journey (46-48CE) began at Antioch in Syria. The second journey (49-52CE) revisited Galatia, but continued further west into modern Greece. And his third journey (53-57CE) again included Galatia, as well as more extensive travel throughout Asia Minor and Greece. Wherever, he went throughout these journeys he would establish local churches. He would appoint groups of elders to run the churches after he left, and would support them by writing letters, further visits, and by sending others, for example, Timothy, to visit them on his behalf. Christianity then spread throughout the Roman Empire. Paul 's greatest long-term impact lay in his letters, which were often written to deal with specific problems that had arisen. These letters were accepted very early as authoritative statements about Christian belief and conduct. Paul, through his teaching and writing, helped to consolidate Christian beliefs. He took the teachings of Jesus, explained them, and applied them to new situations that arose in churches. In this way, Christianity was helped to develop into a fully-fledged new religion with a coherent set of beliefs and
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