Paul Reveree Hero Analysis

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Paul Revere was not a unique hero before the Battle of Lexington In 1775, but if you read the poem you would think he was. Paul Revere's poem starts with a Man/Woman telling the famous story of Paul Revere and his friends were in Boston making a plan to warn the people of the villages that the British were coming to take and capture the people taking their freedom with them.All of this would all happen on the 18th and 19th of April Late evening and early morning.After Paul and his friend make a plan at the belfry-arch
Of the North-Church-tower. If the British came by land put a lit lantern on top of the belfry tower,If the British came by sea Paul's friend would put 2 lit lanterns on the top of the church. Then Pauls says Good Night! And
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To go into more detail Paul sent a letter to DR.Jeremy telling him about the plans his group had come up with and what they did during the fall and winter.” People say that Paul's group spied on the British all fall and winter building a plan,or find anything that might help in the invasion of the British. On the 18th of April the British thought they would surprise everyone in the late night at around 11:00 but what the British did not know is that they were all waiting for them to come ready with weapons. The second explanation for a difference is Paul was with was with mr.Daw and the doctor when he's going ahead he sees 2 men in horses as he gets closer he realizes they're british officers. He tries to flee in his horse but then gets cornered with 2 more British officers getting surrounded by British soldiers then getting hit in the face with a British officers pistol, after getting his horse taken away. And the final explanation for one of the differences in Paul has a boat and brought Paul over the Charles river and onto the Charles town.And that is the summary of the poem the differences between the letter and poem and the explanation of them. To conclude if you were only taught “Paul Revere's ride”you would think Paul was always a
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