Paul Revere's Childhood

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The person I have chosen to do my report on is Paul Revere who is famous for his midnight ride when he warned the patriots and minute men that the British were coming. Paul Revere was born in Boston Massachusetts on Fish street on January 1, 1735. Paul Revere died May 10, 1818 in Boston Massachusetts. Paul Revere’s occupation was a patriot his nationality was American. He started off as a silversmith, then expanded to a gold smith, a dentist he made false teeth, and he made the first copper mill in America, he also fought in the war, and was a messenger for the Committee of Correspondence, he was also part of the Sons of Liberty, he made the Boston Massacre painting, he was an artist, he spied on the British too. In those times Paul Revere…show more content…
You can tell because he expanded what he did to make money for his children his wife and family, he also had to take care of his mother and siblings for a while when his father died. I believe he had to be brave to spy on the British fight in the war be part of the Sons of Liberty warn that the British were coming he also had to believe in his country to do those things. When he was nineteen his father died, and since he was the oldest son he had to support his mother and siblings and he started a family of his own so that shows he is hardworking and cared. I can tell he was dedicated to his work because he became an astonishing craftsman and he expanded worked hard and became great. When he got involved in patriot groups it shows he was a true patriot. When he made the Boston Massacre art piece to stir up hatred against the British it showed he hated them and despised them, also when he helped in the Boston Tea Party it showed he hated the British. When he warned Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the British were coming showed he was brave and believed in this country here today.

Paul Revere accomplished being a hero, a fighter, and a true patriot when he spied on the British was a messenger, fought for his country was part of patriot organizations helped in the Boston Tea ,Party warned that the British were coming that is how you can tell he is an american hero and will fight for his country. He also accomplished being a skilled
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