Paul Revere's Contributions To The American Revolution

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There are three main points to the American Revolution Paul Revere, Lexington and Concord. Tensions had been building for a long time between residents of the 13 colonies and the British. The battle at Lexington green in 1775 started the American Revolution and “shots heard around the world” . One of the leaders for Lexington was Captain John Parker. The battle of Concord took place in Concord on Wednesday April 19, 1775. The leader(s) for Concord was John Parker,James Barrett, and John Butrick. The battle of Lexington and concord were needed because it started everything that made us free. Colonist finally won their independence in 1783. The battle of Lexington and concord was the kick- off to the American Revolution. Paul Revere also…show more content…
The Battle of Lexington and concord and Paul Revere's ride was the starter to the American Revolution. Battles of Lexington and Concord were important battles to the American Revolutionary War. These battles were the first and most important battles. They were when the American colonies declared war on Britain and began their long journey down the road to independence. Many more battles happen after, in 1783 the colonist formally won their independence. As you can see many events happen in the American revolution this battle was just one of
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