Paul Revere's Famous Ride Essay

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Paul Revere: Lone Rider or Uncredited Help? Can you recall the date of when Paul Revere set out on his midnight ride to Concord? Perhaps this date is more remembered than the actual journey itself; who was with Paul Revere? How far did he make it? What ended up happening? While many people claim that Paul Revere was alone in this journey, many others disagree with this statement, and think that he was indeed with other people. The articles, “Paul Revere: A Colonial Hero,” and “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere,” claim that he was by himself, while, “Revere’s Famous Ride,” claims that he was acquainted by others. First and foremost, “Paul Revere: A Colonial Hero,” and “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere,” state that Revere was alone because he was most credited for it, and his name is the more well known. In the article, “Paul Revere: A Colonial Hero,” it states, “For more than two centuries, Paul Revere has…show more content…
In the article, “Revere’s Famous Ride,” it states, “Although Paul Revere is the name usually associated with the famous ride to warn the approach of the British troops, he was not alone.” The text also states, “Revere worked for the American Committees of Correspondence as one of it’s many messengers.” These two quotes prove that Paul Revere was working with several other people and organizations to plan and perform this midnight ride. Him, along with people such as William Dawes and Samuel Prescott took part in the journey. These two names aren’t thought of as much by the average person. As everyone talks about Revere by himself, the many others involved in this ride are usually uncredited. The one’s who credit these people most would be the casual historian, but to the average person, these two names wouldn’t ring a
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