Paul Revere's Poem Under The Southwestern Sky

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Under the Southwestern Sky Parched and dry describes your land, with buttes and canyons all so grand! Oh such a wonder to behold, your beauty is worth its price in gold! This arid region so enchants, with such diversity of animals and plants. What a rough and dry terrain, where desert animals rule in their domain. Animals of prey are all around, in search of dinner in their happy hunting ground. It's in this wilderness landscape, a desert hare tries to escape. Will the Law of Nature win-out, as he scurries to his hide-out? The eagles are soaring high in the air, perhaps they're headed for their home somewhere? The snakes and buzzards come out to play, witnessing the drama of the day! Wintery Sight Gazing at my backyard wonder,…show more content…
I think of the Liberty Bell and what it means to all. And of the flyers who bravely answered our nation's call. I think of Paul Revere on his famous ride. And of the American troops who didn't hide. I think of the great Presidents on Mt. Rushmore. And of the men and women, who protect both rich and poor. I think of the military that is so very true. And of the American flag that is red, white, and blue! Our War Troops sent away before Christmas Day. Sent somewhere in the desert, the commanders say. Sent to practice their military skill. Trained to fight enemies who want to kill. The President made the command, of course. He decided to use our mighty force. Patriots have been fired. People are afraid and tired. People wear gas-masks in a country far away. In case the enemy uses chemical weapons, some say. People at home tie yellow ribbons on the trees. They pray for our military troops that are over-seas. 9/11 It makes my heart feel broken. Brings tears to both my eyes. A tragic day in history. This invasion in our land! It makes my heart feel sadness. Brings such anger into my life. To see our people suffer, by this evil phantom…show more content…
I'm surrounded by some tropical trees,, with my hammock swinging in the breeze. Time is ticking away on the clock, as I sip my drink and make small talk. It's great to feel so worry free, while swimming in the turquoise sea. Thank goodness there's no clouds in sight, only the sun that shines so bright! Noah's Animals Oh, Noah was a busy man, he sure could use a helping hand. Keeping the peace in this special place, with much prayer, love, and guiding grace. Imagine, all the animals making many sound, and this wasn't even the animal pound! Dogs barking, birds singing, and lambs running around. Noah and his family could not ignore the sound. It's time to feed, it's time to clean, and time to keep the peace. Oh, Mr. Noah, your work seemed only to increase. Three hundred seventy days or so, the waters seemed to swell, then go. So God spoke to Noah, it's time to leave at last! The days of toil and care were how all in the past. Far and away the dove did fly. So now it's time to say, "goodbye!" Table of Contents Under the Southwestern Sky Wintery Sight My Christmas Dream Skiing Adventure Panoramic View A Winger Solitude The Songbird Old World Charm The
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