Paul Revese Biography Essay

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Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting myself as Paul Revere, born the January 1rst, 1735 in Boston Massachusetts in what you’d call British America. Some of you may know me very well, but I’m a silversmith who took part in the Boston Tea Party and famously alerted the Lexington Minutemen about the approach of the British in 1775. People have made up stories about me being captured or making it to Concord, and the truth is that I never made it! But I’d like to say I’m proud to be an ardent colonist. I’m son of Apollos Rivoire, a French immigrant who came to America on his own at the age of 13, and Deborah Hichborn, a Boston native and the daughter of an artisan family and brother to seven siblings. By all accounts, as a young serious and committed…show more content…
Not only I thought and felt this way, but many others as well sensed that their own livelihood could soon be affected unless issues with the British were soon addressed. Later on it intensified, so I joined the Freemasons and befriended other activists such as James Otis and Dr. Joseph Warren. As my confidence in my leadership abilities grew, so did my responsibilities. As tensions between the colonies and the British deepened I, Paul Revere was tapped to spy on British soldiers and report on their movement. In addition I then worked as a courier for the Boston Committee of Correspondence and the Massachusetts Committee of Safety. In a brazen act of defiance, others and I dressed as Indians and dumped tea into Boston Harbor, launching what came to be known as the Boston Tea Party. Our campaign continued until my famous ride on April 18, 1775, that etched my name into history, especially after it was commemorated later by the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. At 10 that night I rode to Lexington to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams of the approaching
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