Paul Robeson

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Black people have come a long way to fight for equality with people of the other color. Black has so many strong, powerful and intelligent black Americans who work so hard for them to live a better life with less racism and mediocrity. Paul Robeson was a person that every black should take example of his work and his courage. He was a strong and an intelligent man. He was an Athlete, Civil Rights Activist, Actor, Football Player, Singer, and Lawyer. That man had so much going on in his life and he inspires so many people in the world. Even though he was intelligent and intellectual and had so many degrees, he did not think he was better than anyone. He did stand back and see black people suffered from racism. He fought against racial prejudice…show more content…
He was the last child of his parents. His Father William Drew Robeson was a runaway slave who fought the civil war a, and was pastor at a Presbyterian church in Princeton. Paul mother was Anna Louisa Robeson was a member of the distinguished Bustill family of Philadelphia. Paul had a beautiful family but unfortunately her mother died with burn avers 80 percent of her body when Paul was just 6 years old. When her mother died her father had to move to Somerville, New Jersey. Young Paul with no mother had to live with only a father. Her father was his influence to do great. He began to work with his father at school, and sing at his father church. Paul lived in poverty and hardships but his father teach him how to work hard, to fight for his believe, pursue his dream, and to help other people in time of needs. Paul Robeson went to Somerville high school, New Jersey. He was very talented and he played so many sports in his high school like football, basketball, baseball and track. He also performed in Julius Caesar, Othello and sang in the chorus in his high school. At seventeen, in 1915 he won a scholarship to Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was the third African American who ever went to this prestigious university. He did not let being black stop him to participate in the debate team, the Glee Club and collegiate athletic team. In his junior year, he was elected to Phi Beta
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