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The people in Rwanda are stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. There are over 1,000 of them in Paul Rusesabagina 's hotel. They are both Hutu and Tutsi refugees. Everyday the refugees live in fear of the Hutu Interahamwe coming to kill everyone of them. The Hutu rebels are committing a mass genocide. The refugees have been able to survive using bribes of money jewelry and alcohol but they are all out of supplies and bribes. My contact at the hotel would like me to tell you that they are very grateful for the help the UN has provided but it is not enough. Mr. President, I have been personally contacted by one of the staff members at the Milles Collines Hotel. She is in charge of caring for the twenty orphans that Paul Rusesabagina received from the Red Cross. She pleaded for me to contact you so that we could inform you that the refugees are running out of food, water and in general, good spirits. Colonel Oliver of the UN says that everything will be ok but we don 't believe it. He is only…show more content…
Mr. President, please don 't let what happened in Somalia impact your decision, this is different. In Rwanda the you and your allies only have one threat, the Hutus, they are unskilled and untrained fighters compared to your troops. They are weakly supplied with almost no explosive weapons and no land to aircraft missiles or rockets. If you don 't help the refugees, all the Hutus will be considered traitors and killed, their women and children taken and raped. I believe that you won 't allow that to happen to them. If you don 't help the refugees and pass by on this genocide, what will happen the next time one is being carried out? Will you let it pass? Will you deny us and the others down the line the right of life, that which we so desperately need? Other countries will think of you as weak and pathetic for not being able to take care of a small militia, you and your country will be a disgrace all because you didn 't want to take a chance when the odds were in

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