Paul Schwennsen's The Ethics Of Eating Meat

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Why do people raise animals only to slaughter them and then sell the meat to other people? In Paul Schwennsen’s essay “The Ethics of Eating Meat” he talks about whether or not it is ethical to eat meat. “Ethics exist as a social shorthand; a distilled collective conscience that varies with the social reality it reflects. Ethics do not stand like clean cut traffic stops in the path of natural urges; they are more like cautionary rumble strips as we careen down lives strewn with choices” (Schwennesen 179). Schwennesen comes off that eating meat is ethical. He incorporates ethos pathos and logos into his essay. People have been raised thinking its okay to kill animals just to eat them. Why do we raise animals just to kill them? Yes, eating meat…show more content…
Eating meat has become such a common thing that if you don't eat it, it is shocking. It is more common for one to eat meant then to not eat meat. Like I said before it has become the norm and we just do it because we see other people doing it so we think it is okay. "Asking whether eating meat is "ethical" is like asking whether having sex is ethical"(Schwennesen 178). This is an example of ethos. Ethos is an appeal to ethics and that is a person’s choice to determine weather eating meat is ethical or not. This point that Schwennesen makes is so accurate. People do not think twice about sex and they are raised hearing about sex, it is the same way with meat. If someone says eating meat is unethical then they also shouldn’t wear anything made by an animal such as leather. Animals are not only killed for foods but products as well so for one to not eat meat and to wear leather makes no sense. If it is unethical to eat meat it is unethical to have any products made by animal. In reality it wont ever happen that everyone will stop eating meat and using animal products. Ethics are a choice and not everyone will have the same opinion. What is your reasoning for eating meat? Ethics are a person’s choice and opinion. Eating meat is beneficial for so many reasons but it’s a personal choice whether it is needed or not. We eat meat because that is all we have ever known to do and it is the norm to us. Eating meat is compared to having sex, that is how common it has become. People have been raised thinking its okay to kill animals just to eat them. Have you thought about ethics while eating meat or do you just eat
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