Paul Stine: The Zodiac Killer

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In the mystery murder of everyday cab driver, Paul Stine, there was but one culprit, he went by the name “Zodiac Killer”. Behind every murder case is one person filled with a lifetime of emotions and stories that lead up to the kill. The insane destroy the sane, with a strong collision. Throughout research, it has been discovered that the murderer of Paul Stine was a man who went by the name of the “Zodiac Killer”. Behind the man who was killed on one cold October night by a vicious killer, was just an average man working one day. It was a night shift for cab driver, Paul Stine, and he was just on his everyday pickup. Stine was born on December 18,1939 in Exeter, Tulare County, California and died October 11,1969 in San Francisco, California. He was an average man, twenty-nine years old, husband and student, bills to pay and a life to live. In regards to Paul’s Obituary he had attended San Francisco State University after departing from Oklahoma.…show more content…
There were many Murders in the area of Northern California between the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s, there were 7 death attacks to be known during that time. Concluding these attacks and the connection to Stine’s strike, are all leading back to the man behind the mask of the Zodiac Killer. He takes confesses to every attack, he even helps them prove
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