Paul Fisher Choices

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People make thousands of choices every day, for Paul he made many small and big choices, here is some of them. Paul Fisher is 13 years old he wears glasses and plays goalie on the Tangerine Middle School Soccer Team. He has a brother named Erik who he is not close to, a dad that only focuses on Erik and his Football status and a mom who thinks Paul is blind. Paul has just moved to Tangerine County, Florida and he has made huge choices. Paul has made bad and good choices that have changed and affected him greatly. Some got him into the Tangerine crew while others got him in trouble.

Paul’s choice to confess to Tino affected him because he had gained Tino’s trust, he got a new friend and that meant a lot. Stated in the book “Hey? Do you remember when you guys got busted at the carnival?” “Yeah what about it?” “Well I’m the one who ratted you out.” (pg.175). Tino then gives Paul a kick in the backside and smiles. Paul made the choice to tell Tino because he had been feeling bad about ratting them out and he
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What people can learn from this information is that it’s ok to take risks. To stand up to someone who is viewed as “bigger” than you. To go to a school that is much more violent and crazy and old rather than a newer stay in line school. This lesson is important because in life if you don’t take risks, if your afraid to be knocked down. If your afraid to lose. Then you won’t make any gain in life. You’ll be the person who hides from opportunities. You’ll be known as the person who hides. Paul was the hider at the beginning of the book. Staying out of the way, avoiding and not saying anything to Erik. He then realized that nothing is going to change unless you react and you change. Paul finally realized it was time for Erik to know the consequences of his actions. To tell his parents to pay attention and tell him everything. Paul changed, so his life
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