Paul Taylor Race And Gender Analysis

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Society believes that things are biologically proven to exist are real, and therefore because sex/gender and race are not biologically proven, then they are dismissed. However, they are real in a way that they affect human beings in reality. Since it has many effects on human beings, it would be critical to ignore a major affecting factor in life. Racism and sex/gender are something, which are embedded, in the social system and it is hard to just eliminate it. Therefore, in this context, race and sex/gender are quite real. Paul Taylor, in his book, ‘Race: A philosophical Introduction’, says typological race-thinking urges the people to focus on whatever the local structure of categorization anoints as the important differences of human beings.…show more content…
He stated that the result of sexual selection is for men to be, “more courageous, pugnacious and energetic than woman [with] a more inventive genius. His brain is absolutely larger, the formation of her skull is said to be intermediate between the child and the man” (Origin of species). This clearly shows what Darwin would have to make of social construction of race and sex/gender. Darwin would somewhat agree with the biological construction of race and sex/gender and disagree with the social construction. He would modify his conception about race a little, not completely agree with race being socially constructed but also not completely biologically constructed. About the social construction of sex/gender, he would totally disagree with it since his comments about women being inferior prove that he believed that it is the traits, genes and IQ level, which make women inferior, not just the society. Darwin would probably criticize the concept of social construction of race and more certainly of sex/gender because of his theories of origins of humans. He would argue that some races have evolved and progressed more than others progress and this would just be possible due to the genetic makeup of them including traits. Sexual selection is Darwin’s theory in which, he says certain physical, mental or psychological traits evolved because they assist in competition among individuals for access to preferred mates or because they are improvements of traits that help to attract mates. Everywhere in his writings, he has talked about males or females, nothing about intersexual transsexuals/homosexuals. He would argue that presence of male or female hormones in male/female shows the biological construction of sex/gender or the presence of male
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