Paul Waldman The Case For Banning Guns Case Study

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The general argument made by Paul Waldman in his work, “The Case For Banning Guns”, is that Paul Waldman believes that guns should be banned. More specifically, Paul Waldman believes that we should ban items that make guns more dangerous like bump stocks or devices that turn your semi-automatic gun into an automatic weapon. Paul Waldman writes, “No matter what legislation we might pass, even in liberal states that have increased restrictions in recent years, we won 't get anywhere near banning guns. In particular, we won 't address the biggest gun problem we have, which is not mass shootings but the daily carnage that claims around 90 Americans lives every day — and that means handguns, not military-style rifles or accessories like bump stocks. Precisely because we can 't start from scratch, all we can do is trim around the edges, try to find ways to reduce the unending slaughter a little bit here and a little bit there.” What Paul Waldman suggests in this passage is that we need to start getting rid of all the items that are used to make guns more dangerous to trim down on these problems. In conclusion, Paul Waldman believes that cutting down all these extra gun parts will lead to a less awful death rate in the United States. In my opinion, I do not agree with what Paul Waldman has to say about banning guns. More specifically, I believe that banning items like bump stocks and lightning switches will not help with reducing the death rate by guns because no
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