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Paul Watson was born December 2, 1950 in Toronto, Canada. When he was six he moved from Toronto to St. Andrews where they are known for lobster fishing. He was the oldest of seven children. Paul Watson lived in St. Andrews until 1964. Then he moved back to Toronto with his dad shortly after his mother died. His father was Anthony Joseph Watson, a French-Canadian born in New Brunswick, Canada. His mother was Annamarie Larsen. In 1960 he was a member of the Kindness Club. After trappers killed one of his beaver friends he decided to destroy leg-hold traps. He also disrupted deer and duck hunters and he try to encourage boys not to kill animals. When he was only the age of nine. “Social change comes through people”- Paul Watson He has one daughter…show more content…
In October 1969 he became a part of Greenpeace. This happened when he helped plan a travel on the U.S. and Canadian border to protest against the nuclear testing. A few of the members organized a small group to work on more ideas to stop the testing at Amchitka. The group was called the Don 't Make a Wave Committee. In October 1971 the Don 't Make a Wave Committee sponsored the travel of the Greenpeace 1. The ship left from Vancouver, British Columbia. They were going to Amchitka Island. They were going to sail into the test site but he wasn’t on that one. He was on the Greenpeace too. They passed the Greenpeace 1 on there way to Alaska. The nuclear test had been but back to ruin the travel of the Greenpeace 1, but then they moved the date forward to ruin the travel of the Greenpeace too. When the explosion went off Greenpeace too was still about 5 miles away. The argument the Greenpeace travels generated led to the decision to cancel further tests and the explosion of November 1971 was the last nuclear test to take place at Amchitka. In 1972 the Don 't Make a Wave Committee took the name of the two ships and renamed themselves the Greenpeace Foundation. He was one of the founding members and directors of Greenpeace. He was officially the eighth founding member. Robert Hunter was the first. His wife Roberta Hunter was second. He was eighth. In June 1977 he left the Greenpeace

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