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On July 16th, 1996 The New York Mets roughed up the Philadelphia Phillies by a score of 7 to 5. One player who contributed to this win was a rookie by the name of Paul Wilson, who just came off six weeks of rest for his right shoulder. Although it was the return of Paul Wilson, there was another Met that over shadowed Wilson, and this guy was Jerry DiPolo. Mr. DiPolo came into the game during the fifth inning with runners on second and third and no outs. Outstandingly enough, he walked off that mound not conceding one run to the Phillies, which gave the crowd something to cheer about and he picked up the win, in just one inning that he pitched. Especially with the weather being as bad as it was with rain, which is a baseball player’s worst nightmare while playing. He needed to take other precautions while pitching. New York moved only 6 games back of the Wild Card leader and DiPolo’s E.R.A was reduced to a 4.06. With this win it gave the Mets players a positive look for winning the series after what they had accomplished in this game and taking a 1-0 series lead even though it is just the regular season.
In Japan there was an outbreak with food poisoning in the schools, which was causing a lot of class cancellations
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This would be his first time ever playing on a board court and he took a very relaxed approached to this tournament by just getting some work on adjusting his eyes and feel to the court. He also wanted to keep the point going during practice to further accustom himself to the venue. At this tournament there were quite a few Long Island competitors as well as international ones and they competed just as well at this time. Ned Neely got the victory over John Sharpe of Australia by a score of 12-10,8-6. Singles will start tonight at 7 o’clock and doubles will follow these matches with Laver and McKinely verse Reed and
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