Paula And Lamar: A Literary Analysis

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As you can see Paula and Lamar began as happy children and soon see the world in a hole different way. Healthwise Staff states inner strength, often called "resilience," is the ability to cope with the stressful situations that life throws at us. Children need to be building inner strength as it all begins with simple actions or thoughts that children practice, such as planning for what to do next and learning to accept change. Inner strength can help a child face their problems. Children who are strong feel confident when meeting new people, like to do nice things for others, are loving and lovable, and are optimistic about life and are able to stand up to peer pressure so they can avoid using drugs, drinking alcohol, and smoking (Staff). Parents fear their children having strength is horrible, but in the contrary, it is not. Give kids freedom to figure things out in their own way within the boundaries you have set; parents should walk an acceptable line between respecting a child 's need for independence and privacy…show more content…
To know something is to be separate from it, above it, objective about it, and therefore in a position to perceive (or simply invent?) the truth about it. We adults similarly use our knowledge of “childhood” to dominate children (31).” Adults/parents fear knowledge, as they believe children can get power from it. With all this power they begin to know the truth. Yes, they can get power from knowledge as they can learn on their own with out the parental supervision of an adult. Reasons why they are scared is because they want to have all control of the child. For a child to know more than the adult is terrifying. They should not fear knowledge they should embrace it. Being able to learn something new and be able to use it is amazing, especially for a child that has so much more to learn. They become stronger they take on much more responsibilities and are able to solve conflicts on their
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