Paula Modersoln-Becker Girl Analysis

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During Paula Modersoln-Becker short life she created many unique works of art. She had a supportive father, who saw her talent in art. Since Paula had the drive at home she was encouraged to go to Paris to live out her dreams, but her womanly duties intervened and she stopped painting for awhile. Her short life span did not fully contain her passion for art, she became a wife soon after she began to draw. The time period that Paula was born into caused her to put her dreams aside to become a housewife; however, it was not long before she decided to leave her husband and pursue her dreams as an artist. She decided that becoming a housewife was too little for a woman with an eye for art. The expectation of herself and other women during the…show more content…
Among her many works of art Paula Modersoln-Becker created Girl with a baby among birch trees in 1905. This particular painting that she had created, like many others, was made from oil on cardboard. The painting was relatively wide as it is 22 ½ x 22 inches (69.9x 55.7 centimeters). The painting has been viewed by many individual, in different places, for me I saw the work of at at the Chrysler Museum. It is now a collection of the Chrysler Museum as they received it as a gift. Throughout my observation of the painting, Girl with a baby among birch trees, I was able to view Paul’s resentment of the expectations of the women during her time. Seeing that I recognized the function and purpose of her work of art was to have Self-Expression. It was clear that the baby could not have been hers, since she died of childbirth, yet Paula put herself into everyone situation at the time. Still created paintings of herself bearing other women’s problems. The technique that Paula used to gain the appearance she received was interesting to distinguish. For instance, the artist seemed to avoid line near the center of the painting, where the figure is
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