Paulo Coelho Santiago Treasure In The Alchemist

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Why are these things treasure to him Throughout the world there have been varied defentitions of a personal treausere. In the novel the alchemist by paulo coelho santiago the protaganist searches for his treasure in riches.since the begening of the novel santiago wanted to travel and expiernce what the world had to offer However santiago would find his tresure in following his fate,relationships, and in his home. .Santiago starts his journey in andalusia spain as a lowly sheep herder wanting to experience the world.. Santiago had dreamed of going to egypt and seeing the pyramids . However he didn’t feel as if he should abandon his profession and follow his dreams. He met a man named melchzdek who spoke of omens and following your personal legond and fate. Santiago was fated to find treasure through his dreams. The old man said that fate is unavoidable the crystal merchant spoke of the same. Santiago worked for a crystal shop and the owner would say “maktub”, which meant “it is written”. He Compared it to a river and…show more content…
Santiago wouldn’t have obtained his treasure if it wasn’t for the people he met along the way. One importan man he met was the alchemist who spoke on love and how it impacted lives. He spoke of how love completed our lives and santiago was in love. He met a desert girl in the oasis named fatima. While fatima had become a part of santiagos life she wouldnt stop him from reaching his treasure. However his love for her was so great that he would come back for her after he found his treasure. This had now become a drive for santiago to finish his journey and marry fatima. Also in the aid of santiagos love was the universe, the old man at the begging of tht novel talked about the universes involvment in mans life. He said” when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." (melzchidek pg
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